The benefits of GeoCube ground source heat pumps

GeoCube heat pumps produce controlled, energy efficient heating and cooling for poultry, livestock and glasshouse units. They offer a wealth of benefits…

Cost-effective, sustainable heat

GeoCube offers an extremely energy efficient way to produce heat – for every unit of electricity used to power the heat pump, it will generate up to four times the heat output.

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Consistent, controlled temperatures

By combining GeoCube with one of our bespoke climate control systems (OptiRad or VentMax), and underfloor heating/cooling, it will deliver a superior level of temperature control throughout your shed, compared to conventional systems.

Improved bird welfare

With GeoCube providing the heat and cooling for our climate control plant (OptiRad or VentMax) and underfloor cooling systems, you’ll achieve a superior level of temperature and ventilation control in your shed.

This reduces the need to trigger disruptive tunnel ventilation systems in hot weather, helping maintain feed conversion rates and ultimately improving bird welfare.

It also improves the quality of your litter, removing the burden and cost of spreading additional bedding and reducing the risk of hock burn.

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Lower energy bills

Whilst GeoCube requires a small supply of electricity to function, it will produce most of its heat from the ground. This will provide savings of between 30-70% on your energy bills, when replacing conventional electric, oil or LPG gas heating.

Renewable Heat Incentive payback

GeoCube offers an impressive 4-5 year payback period due to the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI).

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Reliable and low maintenance

GeoCube requires little maintenance as it is a sealed system with few moving or serviceable parts. Our heat pump system comes with an extended warranty and each compressor has a life expectancy of 25-30 years and will deliver sustainable and reliable heating and cooling for the lifetime of the installation.


GeoCube is a fully-packaged ground source heat pump system.  All its equipment is housed in a compact, purpose-built, fully-weatherproof, British manufactured unit, that can be located in a convenient space on your site.

No plantroom is required; the units are built and tested at our factory, enabling a speedy, ‘plug-and-play’ installation and eliminating the need for a costly, labour intensive onsite plant build.

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No fuel deliveries

Unlike oil, LPG or biomas heating, you will never need fuel deliveries to site – keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. The need for fuel storage and the risk of theft are also removed.