Ground source heat pump cooling

GeoCube can operate as a reversible heat pump system that offers both passive and active cooling, delivering chilled water to cool sheds down to 18°C (depending on the HVAC installation).

The importance of ground source cooling

An efficient and accurate cooling system is vital in poultry shed design to maintain bird growth and welfare. As birds grow they give off increasing amounts of heat, increasing the temperature and humidity in the shed.

There are two key benefits of managing the shed’s air temperature using our ground source heat pump cooling system:

Controlled environment

GeoCube’s passive and active cooling capabilities carefully control the shed’s temperature and humidity, preventing heat stress, maintaining the birds’ feed conversion ratio and ensuring optimium growth and welfare.

Reduced need for tunnel ventilation

In addition ground source cooling can reduce the need to use noisy ventilation systems for cooling. Without the need for disruptive tunnel ventilation in summer, bird welfare is improved and ultimately productivity will increase.

Efficient and accurate cooling

GeoCube delivers cooling into sheds and removes heat using OptiRad or VentMax units, together with careful control through an underfloor system where possible. The system continuously controls air entering and leaving your shed, maintaining its temperature without the need for noisy fans or blowers.

GeoCube rejects the unwanted heat into the ground where it is stored, ready for the next heating cycle, making future heating processes much more efficient, due to the higher ground temperatures.

GeoCube provides a number of different types of heat pump cooling

Passive cooling icon
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Passive cooling

This is when excess heat is removed from the building and the heat pump transfers it back into the ground, using only its circulation pumps. Also known as natural cooling, it is the least energy intensive form of cooling, as the heat pump remains switched off.

Active cooling

For sustained periods of cooling, the heat pump will go into a reverse cycle, where compressors take the heat from the building and deliver chilled water with return temperatures as low as 7°C.

The heat rejection process of a heat pump is much more efficient than traditional air conditioning systems, because ground temperatures are consistently lower than the air.

Underfloor cooling

GeoCube in conjunction with an underfloor cooling system is particularly effective at taking heat away from poultry units, because the ‘heat-generating’ birds are  close to the ground.

The underfloor heating system will remove excess heat, ensure more even shed temperatures and help with litter control.

Removing only a few degrees of heat will help reduce the microbial activity within the litter, and, consequently reduce ammonia and odour.