A GSHP that delivers controlled heating and cooling

GeoCube ground souce heat pumps (GSHP) work in tandem with your building’s HVAC system, providing continuous and consistent heating and cooling to ensure your shed’s house set point is always met.

GSHP plant control

GeoCube GSHP has its own control system developed by IPT that will talk to your shed’s HVAC plant to understand the exact water delivery temperatures needed for maintaining the required house set point. It then automatically selects the most efficient and effective method of heating or cooling, unless you choose to manually override and programme the system locally.

Our controls can be fully integrated with your own building management system, providing one tool to monitor and operate your facility.

Monitoring and optimisation

GeoCube GSHP’s intelligent monitoring and reporting capabilities offer a detailed analysis of water delivery temperatures, heating and cooling processes and the shed’s environment, giving you optimum visibility and control of your system.

We also offer a remote monitoring service where we provide minute by minute data uploads and quickly react to any system alerts, either remotely or with a site visit, to help keep your equipment operating at its peak efficiency and maximise its lifespan.