The future of acid air scrubbing and environmental control in poultry sheds

Advanced air scrubber
Continuous ventilation
Automatic control

VentMax is an advanced air scrubbing system that can reduce dust, ammonia and odour emissions by up to 90%. By reducing the levels of emissions across your site, you can achieve environmental targets to crucially support planning permissions and EA/NRW approval.

Each poultry house will require roof ridge mounted high-velocity fans and gable end fans which are provided as emergency back-up to the continuous ventilation system. Under the normal range of operating conditions, the ridge fans and gable-end fans are shut down. The emergency back-up system is available to maintain the house environment and ensure bird welfare in the event of extreme heat or system failure.

The whole ventilation system is automatically controlled via the shed “building management system” that is normally accessed from the main electronic panel located in the control room/entrance to each house. Continuous recording via an electronic logbook is in place and can be accessed remotely.

VentMax climate control system logo

An acid air scrubber that reduces ammonia emissions

IPT VentMax end of house wet acid scrubbers and are identified as an appropriate BAT for reducing ammonia emissions to air from broiler, broiler breeder houses and layers (Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/302 – BAT 31 c.1)

VentMax helps poultry farmers with planning applications especially in sensitive areas.

Ventmax 1200 Acid Air Scrubber

The benefits of VentMax for planning applications

VentMax treats air leaving your poultry house, reducing dust, ammonia and odour levels by up to 90%, aiding environmental compliance and supporting expansion plans. Ventmax scrubber units aid planning applications especially in sensitive areas and ensure both EA and NRW compliance for environmental permits.