The future of air scrubbing and climate control in poultry sheds

Advanced air scrubber
Efficient heating & cooling
Controlled ventilation

VentMax is an advanced air scrubbing system that can reduce dust, ammonia and odour emissions by up to 90%. By reducing the levels of emissions across your site, you can achieve environmental targets to crucially support planning permissions and EA/NRW approval.

VentMax recovers up to 70% of waste heat leaving your building and uses it to heat the incoming air. A ground source heat pump (GeoCube) can then be used to generate the balance, for a reliable, sustainable source of heat. And when you need to reduce shed temperatures, VentMax offers free ambient cooling. For higher capacity demands, heat pump technology can utilise passive and active cooling to supply the ventilation system.

VentMax combines advanced ventilation technology with intelligent controls to manage air pressure, air movement and temperature, for optimum bird comfort and productivity. Designed to be quieter than conventional systems, it ensures a calm, climate-controlled environment for your poultry to thrive.

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A fully treated air supply and filtration system for poultry sheds

VentMax is a 4-in-1 air scrubber, heating, cooling and ventilation system. The units are designed to reduce emissions from air leaving your poultry house – reducing ammonia, odour and dust emissions by up to 90%.
At the same time they deliver efficient heating and cooling, whilst maintaining a calm, temperature-controlled environment.


Remove up to 90% of ammonia, odour and dust particles before air is discharged into the atmosphere.

+/- 0.5°C

Control shed temperatures by +/- 0.5°C to maintain the best shed conditions for optimum bird growth.


Recover 70% of exhausted heat from your poultry shed to reheat in-going air.

Control shed temperatures within +/- 0.5 deg of your house set point

VentMax uses an intelligent climate control system to provide poultry sheds with the optimum level of heating, cooling and humidification depending on the required shed temperature and external ambient conditions and internal zonal conditions.

For lower heating and cooling demands it will use heat recovered from exhaust air and free ambient cooling. For higher capacities, VentMax should be integrated with a ground source heat pump (GeoCube) for optimum efficiency. Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to provide cost effective heating and cooling.

VentMax climate control for poultry houses

The benefits of VentMax

  • Lower ammonia and odour emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Optimum temperature and humidity control
  • Reduced temperature drift
  • Improved litter quality
  • Improved bird welfare



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