Poultry heating and cooling systems

VentMax offers a superior level of poultry shed heating, cooling and ventilation control, compared to conventional systems.  Its intelligent climate control functionality can control building temperatures within +/- 0.5°C of the house set point.

+/- 0.5°C

Temperature control functionality

Intelligent climate control for broiler sheds

VentMax has been designed to meet the variable heating and cooling demands of broiler sheds and will adjust the poultry shed temperature to reflect the stage of bird growth.

The units are also suitable for providing dependable climate control in layer sheds, livestock and glasshouse units, due to their ability to keep temperatures and humidity consistent all year round.

The diagram below shows a typical heat load profile (in June) of a broiler house, as the birds grow from chicks to full size.

Typical heat load profile of a broiler house in June

Poultry Heat Loading Profile

Poultry house heating and cooling

VentMax units use an intelligent climate control system to provide broiler sheds with the optimum level of heating, cooling and humidification depending on the:

  • Required shed temperature (dependent on rearing cycle)
  • External ambient conditions
  • Internal conditions, varying in each zone e.g air speed, humidity etc

For lower poultry heating demands, VentMax will use heat recovered from the exhausted air. VentMax can recover up to 70% of waste heat leaving a shed.

For lower poultry cooling demands, VentMax will use free ambient cooling.

For higher capacities, the units should be integrated with a ground source heat pump (GeoCube) for optimum efficiency.  Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to provide cost-effective poultry shed heating and cooling.