VentMax units are designed to reduce emissions from air leaving your poultry house.

The solution is sprayed over an extended surface area filter and scrubber media as the air is passed through the system and extracted through high pressure fans and end of house chimneys. The solution is automatically dosed and regulated using a PH sensor. A dirty water filtration system and electrolytic metering ensures continuous operation while discharging treated water to the dirty water tank storage system.


A continuous ventilation system draws air (by suction principle) through a single point of outlet from the poultry house and across the air scrubber. 

Ammonia in the air extracted from the house reacts with and dissolves into the acidic substrate within the reactor core. The wet acid scrubber units use sulphuric acid (96%) to maintain a pH value below 4 in the scrubbing liquid at the reactor.

How does VentMax work?

Environmentally controlled poultry shed

Stage 1

Air is drawn in through an opening at the end of the poultry house through a stainless steel filter mesh which removes large particulates.

Stage 2

The air is then passed though a water cascade which removes dust and particulate matter before being drawn up through the media filter.

Stage 3

The air is then passed through a cross flow packed filter arrangement also known as the reactor. (Advanced High Surface Media), where more dust is removed, and the ammonia gas reacts and is absorbed into the water.

Stage 4

The air is finally passed through a mist eliminator to ensure water droplets remain within the unit, before being expelled to atmosphere through a high-pressure fan.

The air scrubbing and extraction process

A wash tank with pump provides continuous distribution and recirculation of water to the top of the packed tower. 

A self-cleaning and replaceable in-line filtration system removes solids and replacement with fresh water. 

A dosing station automatically introduces the chemical to the wash cycle to react with and remove ammonia. 


The scrubber has a built in acid storage tank for no handling problems which are delivered to site using a specialist contractor according to use but normally once every 2 months.

The dirty water must be discharged into an onsite  dirty water storage tank and removed accordingly once full.

The unit will require a three phase electrical supply, connection to a drain to dirty water tank and fresh water supply.


Ventmax 1200

Environmentally controlled poultry shed 1
Environmentally controlled poultry shed 2


Maximum air capacityA30/H65120,000 m3/h
Minimum air capacityA30/H6524,000 m3/h
Scrubbing residence timeA30/H650.6 sec
Outlet concentrationNH37 @33m3s2.00 PPM
Number of fans4.00
Packed filter media19.2 m3
Packed bed surface150.00 m2
Maximum power consumption400V15.00 kW
Acid holding tank(B2/W45)800 ltr
Operating Efficiency
Maximum removal efficiencyNH3100%
Minimum removal efficiencyNH376%
Average removal efficiencyNH392%
Average dust removal efficiencyPM2.597%
Average odour removal efficiencyouE40%
Average water consumptionFresh1 m3/d
Average acid consumption96%7 ltrs/d
Average power consumptionDaily290 kWh
Average Power ConsumptionAnnual35 MWh
FramePainted steel
Wash tankFibreglass
Acid tankPlastic
Filter mediaPlastic
Height mm4500
Width mm4200
Length mm8200
Weight kg4000