Advanced air scrubbing and air filtration systems

As a 4 in 1 air scrubber, heating, cooling and ventilation system, VentMax offers a wealth of benefits to poultry farmers seeking optimum crop yields.

Poultry farm ammonia emissions

Lower ammonia and odour emissions

VentMax’ air scrubbing technology treats air leaving your poultry house, reducing dust, ammonia and odour levels by up to 90%, aiding environmental compliance and supporting expansion plans.

Reduced energy consumption

VentMax recovers up to 70% of waste heat leaving a shed and uses this to heat incoming air. The balance can then be generated by a heat pump (GeoCube) to provide an energy efficient means of heating your buildings.

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Improved temperature control icon

Improved temperature control

Using programmed algorithms, VentMax calculates the required shed temperature for the current stage of the broiler cycle and adjusts this based on outdoor ambient temperatures to ensure a constant, regulated indoor environment.

Reduced temperature drift

Sensitive measurement technology allows VentMax to quickly adapt to changes in outdoor conditions, reducing the need for manual intervention. Temperature drifts are significantly lower and a consistent temperature of +/- 0.5 deg can be achieved.

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Improved bird welfare icon

Improved bird welfare

VentMax utilises passive and active cooling to substantially reduce the need for disruptive tunnel ventilation systems in hot weather. The units continuously control air entering and leaving your shed, maintaining its temperature without the need for noisy intermittent ridge fans. This eliminates unwanted light in dark periods and falling cold air, removing the risk of wind chill, helping maintain feed conversion rates and ultimately improving bird welfare

Improved litter quality

Due to its advanced ventilation system, VentMax reduces the risk of wet litter spots caused by falling cold air from conventional inlets. This removes the burden and cost of spreading additional bedding and reduces the risk of hock burn.

Improved little quality