Providing fully-packaged heating, cooling and ventilation solutions to the poultry sector

Energy efficient and reliable climate control systems that ensure a calm and productive environment for your poultry house.

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The smarter way to manage the environment of your broiler houses and layer sheds

The full potential of broiler and layer hens can only be reached when the optimum shed environment is maintained. IPT’s product range is specifically designed around achieving this goal.

GeoCube GSHP logo

GeoCube heat pumps use the latest refrigeration technology to absorb heat from the ground (or a water source) and provide sustainable heating and cooling.

High levels of energy efficiency can be achieved, ensuring low operating costs and reduced fuel bills – all year round.

VentMax 1200 air scrubbing system

Air scrubbing from one purpose made system that links to the standard shed ventilation to achieve an ammonia and odour reduction of up to 90%.