Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Handling Systems for the Industrial Sector.

Effective industrial air handling

Effective air handling and flow are necessary to help ensure a productive, healthy and stable indoor environment. Whether introducing a constant flow of cool fresh air or expelling and treating stale air or air that contains potential pollutants, industrial climate control and ventilation is critical for a successful operation.


Industrial climate control

In demanding industrial environments proper ventilation systems, servicing and maintenance is key to protect people, the planet or plant equipment. In such harsh and challenging workspaces, it is important that the ventilation and climate control systems are not only efficient but also robust and reliable.

Getting the climate right can also be a challenge as heat generated from machinery can lead to stifling working conditions while poor insulation or open workspaces can lead to expensive and inefficient energy use.

By working smarter, businesses can benefit by as much as 70% savings on their energy bills. Through using the right system, heat can be more evenly spread throughout the building, helping reduce levels of moisture while improving productivity by creating a better internal work environment.

Where IPT Technology Can help.



The Optirad air handling unit (AHU) provides a filtered fresh air supply which can be heated or cooled as required using a built in GeoCube heat pump to maintain a consistent air temperature regardless of the outside temperature (effective range ‐4 to 25).

By controlling the air temperature within an industrial building, performance and production does not decline as it would during the colder months or evenings. In addition, the unit will remove dust and improve the internal air quality.



GeoCube heat pumps use the latest refrigeration technology to absorb heat from one source (air, water or ground) and transfer it to another. A cost efficient and effective way to manage temperatures whether for agricultural units, animal husbandry or hot water.

GeoCube is proven to operate from a variety of heat sources including local rivers, lakes or from the ground to heat agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings up to 36°C. The predictable and controlled heat source delivers up to four times as much output for each unit of input.

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