Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Handling Systems for the Agricultural Sector.

Improving air quality & climate managment

Agricultural businesses use large amounts of energy throughout the supply chain, putting pressure on costs, profitability, and a drive towards net zero. One of the biggest energy uses comes from the provision of climate control and air quality management. However, with the right technologies and products in place agricultural businesses can save money while also delivering improvements to air quality and temperature control.

Ventmax 1200 Installation

Energy saving solutions

New energy efficient and reliable climate control systems are now available to assist agricultural businesses in reducing costs and pollutants as well as delivering their net zero ambitions. These innovative solutions reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs and minimise environmental impact.

Poultry sheds are notorious for leaking air vents and poor ventilation leading to birds falling ill as well as environmental waste issues as gasses leak into the atmosphere. Renewable solutions such as our Optirad technology prevent such happenings, recycling 70% of the heat produced and filtering the air expelled into the atmosphere.

What’s more, renewable solutions such as heat pumps can transform a farm’s energy profile allowing farmers to perform everyday tasks, from chilling soft fruit and milk to drying cereals more economically and efficiently.

Where IPT Technology Can help.

IPT have several innovative air handling, ventilation, heating and cooling solutions for the poultry industry.



The Optirad air handling unit and heat recovery (AHU +HR) provides a filtered fresh air supply which can be heated or cooled as required using a built in GeoCube heat pump to maintain a consistent air temperature regardless of the outside temperature (effective range ‐4 to 25).

By controlling the air temperature within an agricultural building, performance and production does not decline as it would during the colder months or evenings. In addition, the unit will remove dust and improve the internal air quality.



GeoCube heat pumps use the latest refrigeration technology to absorb heat from one source (air, water or ground) and transfer it to another. A cost efficient and effective way to manage temperatures whether for agricultural units, animal husbandry or hot water.

GeoCube is proven to operate from a variety of heat sources including local rivers, lakes or from the ground to heat agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings up to 36°C. The predictable and controlled heat source delivers up to four times as much output for each unit of input.

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