OptiRad Heat Recover Air Handling Unit

IPT Technology ltd have designed a heat recovery, heating, cooling and ventilation system specifically for poultry sheds to save energy, reduce emissions and improve bird welfare.

Optirad Intallation

A filtered fresh
air supply.

In simple terms the system provides a filtered fresh air supply which has been heated or cooled using a built in GeoCube heat pump to maintain a consistent air temperature regardless of the outside temperature (effective range ‐4 to 25). The air is supplied via a ductwork system and distributed around the shed via recirculation fans (where required) allowing for an even air and temperature distribution. . The air is then extracted from the shed via a separate ductwork system and fed back into the heat recovery section of the unit where useful heat will be cleanly recovered using a single composite plate heat exchanger.


The system ensures that there is no cross contamination of air during the heat recovery process and can recover up to 70% of heat.


By controlling the air temperature within the shed, performance and production does not decline as it would during the winter months or cold evenings as with a conventionally ventilated shed. In addition, the unit will remove dust and provide a reduction in ammonia levels whilst improving the internal air quality.

Optirad Installation


Supply Air
Unit Dimensions 4300mm long, 3000mm wide and 3200mm high
Dry Weight 3,175kg
Heating & Cooling Each unit will provide 178kW (heating) of heat recovery using a plastic air to air heat exchanger at -5°C and up to 30°C return from the glass house. Each unit will provide 62kW of cooling using heat recovery and a supply air temperature of 30°C.
Supply Air Supply air fan power 2 x 5.2kW per unit (maximum).
Extract Air Extract air fan power 2 x 5.2kW per unit (maximum).
Energy Saving 50 - 70% heat recovery.
Compressors 3 stage scroll compressors rated at 159.45kW with an input of 33.3kW (electric).
DX Heating DX heating coil duty 150kW (total heating capacity (including HR) 328kW.
DX Cooling DX cooling coil duty 120kW (total cooling capacity (including HR) 182kW
Controls Carel controls included that would be linked to the existing controller to form part of the ventilation strategy during heat recovery and ventilation periods.

The OptiRad system can be fitted to most types of shed and can be retrofitted to older sheds in most cases.

To get the maximum benefit from the system a heat pump is the most efficient and effective form of heating and cooling, using a low grade heat with very high efficiency returns together with an integrated passive or active cooling system will provide a consistent house temperature with most outside conditions

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