Geocube ground source heat pumps

Fully packaged agricultural, commercial and industrial ground source heat pumps.

GeoCube Technology

GeoCube heat pumps use the latest technology.

GeoCube heat pumps use the latest refrigeration technology to absorb heat from one source (air, water or ground) and transfer it to another source and raise it to a temperature suitable for space heating and hot water.

GeoCube can use a variety of heat sources including local rivers and lakes as well as the ground to heat agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings at up to 36°C, offering a predictable, controlled heat source delivering as much as four times as much output for each unit of input.


IPT have over 10 years of experience working with clients to deliver cost effective and reliable heating solutions.

developed specifically for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

GeoCube Industrial Applications

How GeoCube works.

Ground Source Heat Pump Diagram

A cold water anti-freeze mix is pumped around energyabsorbing pipes in the ground and it increases in temperature.

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The water then passes into one side of an evaporator heat exchanger. On the other side is a cold, low pressure refrigerant liquid.

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As the refrigerant and water both pass through the evaporator’s coils (remaining separate), heat energy from the water passes to the refrigerant. This causes the refrigerant to increase in temperature, and, due to its low boiling temperature, change to a gas.

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The refrigerant gas then enters the  compressor, where its temperature increases as a result of the compression process (much like a bicycle pump heats up during its use).

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The hot refrigerant gas then passes to another heat exchanger – the condenser - and heat is transferred from the refrigerant to water on the other side. This high temperature water is passed to the building’s heating circuit for use in hot water or space heating systems.

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As the temperature of the refrigerant decreases, it is passed through an expansion valve where the gas changes its state back to a cold liquid.

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The refrigerant returns to the evaporator once again to be heated by water from the ground pipes.

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This process is repeated to provide a constant temperature to the building.

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More efficient than most conventional heating systems

Save on heating

Savings of 30-70% on bills when replacing conventional heating


Compatible with most current heating and hot water systems

GeoCube Commercial Installation

Heat pumps provide cost effective heating & cooling

Conventional fossil fuel boilers combust at high temperatures to convert the energy to the system which can be inefficient while also losing heat energy through the flue. The heat generated by heat pumps converts most of the energy into the system with no on-site emissions

  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
  • Compatible with multiple and varied onsite building management systems (BMS)
  • No fuel deliveries to site
  • British manufactured

Efficient Cooling

An efficient cooling system is vital in many agricultural, commercial and industrial systems.

We offer both passive and active cooling through our reversible heat pump system. Cooling is delivered into the system using our bespoke air handling units and can include heat recovery to further enhance the overall efficiency of the system.

Our GeoCube heat pump systems offer highly controlled, passive and active cooling. For ground source systems we take the heat from the building and replenishing the heat store ready for the next heat cycle.

The system can also be used for cold storage and data centre applications.

GeoCube Cooling
GeoCube Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

Unlike many other heating technologies, GeoCube heat pumps do not have large maintenance requirements, apart from periodic refrigerant and general system checks.

IPT offers comprehensive maintenance and monitoring packages for our GeoCube heat pump customers including on call duty engineers, planned maintenance, remote system checks and performance reports.

As with all of our renewable systems, we consider our annual maintenance service as the best way to maximise your system’s performance and lifespan. With minute by minute data uploads, we can quickly react to any alerts either remotely or with a visit to site.

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