Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
for the Eduction Sector.


Educational institutions rely heavily on an uninterrupted energy supply to facilitate teaching and learning, yet this provision is putting increasing pressure on finite budgets. To meet these challenges head on, increasingly schools, colleges, and universities are adopting more sustainable initiatives to lower their energy consumption and carbon footprint while also playing their part in reducing their environmental impact.

energy supply for eduction


Energy costs can strain financial resources, affecting the allocation of funds for educational programs, resources, and infrastructure development. That’s why implementing efficient energy solutions and exploring renewable options is critical to reducing energy costs and freeing up the budget for educational purposes.

What’s more, clean air and good ventilation within educational buildings is also proven to be beneficial to the health of the building’s occupants and could improve learning.

Where IPT Technology Can help.



The Optirad air handling unit (AHU) provides a filtered fresh air supply which can be heated or cooled as required using a built in GeoCube heat pump to maintain a consistent air temperature regardless of the outside temperature (effective range ‐4 to 25).

By controlling the air temperature within a school or educational building, performance and production does not decline as it would during the colder months or evenings. In addition, the unit will remove dust and improve the internal air quality.



GeoCube heat pumps use the latest refrigeration technology to absorb heat from one source (air, water or ground), transfer it to another source and raise it to a temperature suitable for space heating and hot water.

GeoCube can use a variety of heat sources including local rivers and lakes as well as the ground to heat educational, commercial, and industrial buildings at up to 36°C. The system offers a predictable, controlled heat source delivering as much as four times as much output for each unit of input.

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