BRAND NEW Broiler Farm

Key Benefits

Highly efficient heating with low maintenance costs

Passive (free) cooling

Increased internal air quality

Project facts

  • Agricultural / Industrial
  • Poultry / Broiler Farm
  • Shropshire
  • New build to accommodate 300k birds
  • 15,000m2
  • GeoCube ground source heat pump
  • OptiRad AHUs
  • 3,200,000 kwh of heat
  • 600,000 kwh of cooling
  • 800,000 kwh of electric


This client was interested in a cost-effective heating solution for their new build 300k broiler production facility. High efficiency and ease of maintenance were also high on their wish list. The client was also keen to explore innovative methods to deliver heating, cooling and ventilation that would enhance the internal environment, improve bird welfare and increase overall performance.

The Solution

IPT designed and installed a 2MW GeoCube ground source heat pump. The project was fully managed by IPT and delivered on time and in budget.

System Performance

In addition to providing a cost-effective heating solution, the GeoCube system has also been designed to offer passive cooling to the poultry sheds by utilising the ground temperature through a heat exchanger. The delivery of heating, cooling and ventilation is achieved through the innovative use of externally mounted OptiRad air handling units (AHUs).

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